The Time is Near…

August 26, 2008


She has arrived stateside. It has been a LONG several weeks of waiting, but the car is now awaiting my scheduled Performance Center Delivery date the 1st week of September in South Carolina.

The car is Space Gray on Fox Red (extended). I chose all options with the exception of Park Distance Control (PDC) because I prefer the cleaner lines of the bumper without the sensors. I also chose the 7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) over the 6-Speed Manual. I will be sure to post a comprehensive review of this transmission in the upcoming weeks. It will be a very drastic change for me as I have always been a fan of 3 pedals, but for some reason, this double clutch technology has really caught my attention.

I am hoping to have the car clear-bra’ d  (full front wrap) before I take delivery. That way I wont have to tape the car for my 1500 mile journey home. Other than that, planned “immediate” modifications include hardwired v1, some sort of radar jammer, custom ashtray switch panel, window tint, and front reflector deletion.

Stay tuned for more to come…


A Tribute To The (soon to be) Past…

June 14, 2008

First of all, welcome to my blog! This blog will contain various posts following the modifications and progress of my car, product reviews, and will hopefully soon contain several useful DIY posts from things such as detailing to mechanical modifications.


It all started one afternoon in April 2005 when I decided to stop by BMW of Houston North. I had spotted a well-taken care of E46 M3, Titanium Silver in color. After taking a brief test drive, I purchased the car and completed the paperwork within 2 hours. Here are a few pictures after taking delivery:



Within a few weeks, I purchased a few exhaust parts, as I was a bit disappointed with the sounds of the factory s54. A quick visit to Bavarian Hyper Sports in Houston led to the car having a Supersprint s-pipe, Supersprint x-pipe (non resonated) along with an Eisenmann Race Muffler. To top it all off, a CSL Diffuser was installed. A week after purchasing the exhaust, I came across a good deal on a AFE Cold Air Intake. This again livened up the s54 a bit.



A few months later, the mod bug hit me again as I came across a set of Velocity Motoring CSL Replica wheels (19") for sale on During these few "idle" months, I had also purchased a set of Umnitza Predator 6000k Angel Eyes, along with Hoen Xenon Match Fog Bulbs to compliment the factory xenons.



Again a few months later, I become eager to eliminate the unnecessary wheel gap. Upon returning to Houston, I visited BHS and had a set of Ground Control School/Track kit coilovers installed. I had also added some carbon fiber kidney grilles.  The car now truly felt like it was "on rails."

As verified by an HPD event at Texas World Speedway

Perfect Ride Height


Finally in December 2006 I splurged on an Active Autowerke Stage II Supercharger kit with Water/Alcohol injection. While this was being installed I also had headers, UUC Stage III Clutch and flywheel balanced @ 13.5 lbs, and a few other minor miscellaneous parts installed. Basically after spending significant time at my residence in Golden, CO I became "bored" with the power of the ///M. As many of you may know, the power loss due to altitude greatly affects naturally aspirated cars.

The install went pretty smoothly. I did however have a few hick-ups with the "tuning" afterwards. The problem was solved by switching over to an "Alpha-N" system. This basically eliminates the mass-air-flow sensor functions, with the exception of the temperature sensor, and the car runs off a basis of fuel maps.

Here are a few pictures during/post the install.





I had the car dyno’d a few weeks later. With race gas, the car put out an impressive 445 RWHP, along with 310 RWTQ. Not too bad for a kit only pushing 7.5 pounds of boost.


This has basically concluded the modifications I have made to the car during the period of my ownership. The car is now for sale, in its current state with all modifications. If it does not sell by the beginning of July, I plan to part it out.

I’d like to conclude this post with a few more pictures in memory of a car that has not only provided great amounts of pleasure, but has also been an incredible learning experience.




Until next time…